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Airport Gun Cases

Gun CrimesNew York gun laws are some of the strictest and most draconian gun laws in the United States.  While most states are required to issue concealed carry pistol licenses to their citizens, in many places in New York it is almost impossible to get a license to carry a gun.  In addition, while most states recognize pistol licenses from other states, New York does not.  Since New York is a hot spot for business and vacation travelers from all over our country, it is not surprising that many visitors from other states get arrested and charged with violating New York gun laws because of shear ignorance of New York Laws.


New York City is home to two international airports both located in Queens, New York, LaGuardia Airport and Kennedy Airport.  In addition, Westchester Airport, in Armonk, New York, Stewart International Airport in New Windsor, New York and Newark Airport in Newark, New Jersey all serve the downstate New York / New York City area.

With so many busy airports in New York it is not surprising that so many people get arrested with guns at the airports.

In a typical case, a traveler from a place where guns are more common legally checks there gun in and travels to New York.  They stay in New York for several days and then repeat the process of checking the gun in at a New York area airport.  This time instead of getting on the flight, they are detained and arrested and typically facing a mandatory minimum of 3 ½ years in prison.

People arrested at a New York airport with a gun need an experienced criminal defense attorney who is particularly experienced with New York gun cases.  Senior Partner Peter H. Tilem has almost 20 years of experience in criminal law as both a Prosecutor and a Criminal Defense Attorney.  In addition, while a prosecutor, Mr. Tilem was assigned to the elite Firearms Trafficking Unit and handled many gun and weapons cases.  He has handled many gun cases as a defense attorney and many gun cases that originated at a New York airport.

Tilem & Associates, P.C. has an excellent track record of achieving exceptional results for their clients charged with gun or weapons charges.

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