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New York Gun Crimes Lawyers

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In New York, the penalties for gun crimes are tough and are always getting tougher. And they are also very complex. People who have been charged with a gun crime should get lawyers who are well-versed in New York law and can aggressively defend their clients.Gun Crimes Few New York defense attorneys are as qualified to take gun crime cases as the lawyers of Tilem & Associates, P.C. Peter Tilem spent 10 years as an assistant district attorney, six of which was spent in the firearms trafficking unit. He worked throughout the Northeast, obtaining extensive experience in prosecuting and investigating gun-related crimes.

Since entering private practice in 2001, Mr. Tilem has put his insight and knowledge into defending many people accused of gun crimes. Contact us for a free initial consultation. We serve clients throughout the New York City area, including Westchester County, the 5 boroughs, as well as Suffolk and Nassau Counties.

More Details about Gun Crimes

At Tilem & Associates, P.C., our gun crime lawyers handle many gun crimes cases in New York. What follows are details about just a few of the more common gun crimes in New York:

  • Simple possession of an unlicensed firearm is a felony. At this writing, the minimum sentence for simple possession of an unlicensed firearm has just increased from one year in prison to three and half years. It must be loaded and outside your home or place of business to qualify for these punishments; otherwise, it is a misdemeanor.
  • Possession of an assault weapon is a felony, whether or not it is loaded and whether or not you had the intention to use it.
  • Possession of a large capacity ammunition feeding device, such a magazine for a pistol that can hold more than ten rounds is a felony.
  • Sale of firearms is an especially complex area; there are restrictions on selling guns to minors, secondary sales, etc. It is a felony to sell firearms without a license.

And other crimes can result in enhanced sentences by the use of a gun. If you have a loaded firearm during a robbery, you can get up to 25 years in prison. Even if you just pretend you have a gun, you can get up to 15 years in prison.

People are also getting arrested in increasing numbers for possessing other weapons, such as gravity knives. At Tilem & Associates, P.C., our NY gun crime attorneys help people accused of all kinds of weapon crimes.

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