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NY Escort Service and Prostitution Charge Attorney

Many times, criminal charges against the owners, operators, employees and independent contractors associated with an “escort service” result from an undercover investigation wherein undercover officers acting as customers are offered sexual favors for additional fees. “Johns” are typically arrested when they show up at a hotel to meet who they believe is a prostitute but who in fact is an undercover officer. Charges range from prostitution, patronizing a prostitute, promoting prostitution, sex trafficking and permitting prostitution. Related charges might include money laundering and falsifying business records. Our attorneys are skilled in defending all prostitution, sex offense, money laundering, rape and other related charges. Our lawyers include former prosecutors and other experienced attorneys.


Arrested for Patronizing and/or Solicitation?

Typically, escort services advertise in the Yellow Pages, newspapers, magazines and on the Internet. True escort services are legal. It is entirely legal for one to pay another to accompany them and spend time with them. The legal troubles arise when offers of sex are made or solicited. Simply offering to engage in sexual conduct with another person in return for a fee is a¬†Prostitution charge, which is a B misdemeanor. The charge Patronizing a Prostitute can range from an A misdemeanor to a D felony depending on the age of the person patronized. For example if the person patronized is less than 11 years of age, the charge is a D Felony. However, unlike a statutory rape charge where the defendant’s belief as to victim’s age is irrelevant and not a defense, when dealing with Patronizing a Prostitute charges, it is a statutory defense that the defendant did not have reasonable grounds to believe that the person was less than the age specified. Furthermore, engaging in sexual relations with one less than 17 years of age can also result various sex offense charges such as Rape, Sodomy, Sexual Abuse and Forcible Touching.

Arrested for Promoting?

Owners and operators of Escort Services can face a wide range of charges including Promoting Prostitution, Compelling Prostitution, Sex Trafficking and Permitting Prostitution. Claims by the owners and/or managers that they didn’t approve of and/or were not aware of sexual acts committed by the escorts many times fail because the government can show that the owners and/or managers (1) kept records of customers’ sexual preferences; (2) kept records of customers sexually transmitted diseases (STDs); (3) advised the escorts on how to avoid and treat infections caused by frequent use of lubricated condoms; (4) advised the escorts on methods by which they could continue working while menstruating; and (5) instructed them on how to identify undercover police officers. Owners and operators often face other charges including Money Laundering and Falsifying Business Records.