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In New York, speeding laws are severe. For instance, if you are convicted of three speeding tickets in 18 months, you license will be suspended. An experienced attorney can contest the charges or make a plea to keep points off your record.

The lawyers of Tilem & Associates, PC take every speeding ticket and moving violation seriously. From law offices in Larchmont, we assist the people of the New York City area with all kinds of traffic violations and misdemeanors. Our practice extends from Westchester County to the 5 boroughs to Suffolk and Nassau Counties. Contact us for a free consultation with an experienced New York lawyer.


Along with fines, you receive points on your license each time you get a speeding ticket:



Speeding MPH not specified


Speeding MPH over posted limit: 1 to 10


Speeding MPH over posted limit: 11 to 20


Speeding MPH over posted limit: 21 to 30


Speeding MPH over posted limit: 31 to 40


Speeding more than 40 MPH over posted limit


If you get enough points, your driver's license will be suspended. Even if you do not compile enough points for a license suspension, your insurance rates will increase dramatically. Also, you will get a civil penalty any year you have more than 6 points on your license. You get a $100 surcharge for 3 years of 6 points, and an extra $25 for each additional point.

The surcharges apply even to out-of-state drivers. Often people from Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or other states will pay a fine for a speeding ticket, go home, and then find a notice about the surcharge. They may throw it away, thinking it must be a mistake. Their license to drive in New York will then be suspended; they could easily get pulled over again and charged with the very serious crime of aggravated unlicensed operation.

What We Can Do

If you plead not guilty, our lawyers have many ways to challenge speeding tickets. For instance, we can peruse the records that the police must keep about the calibration of radar or laser guns. If we find inconsistencies, we can get the speeding ticket thrown out. We can also negotiate a plea that can make sure points are not put on your record.

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Schedule a free consultation with Tilem and Associates, PC about your speeding ticket. We can be reached by phone at (914) 833-9785, or by E-Mail.

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